Mountaineer Athletic Club: West Virginia University's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
West Virginia University Athletics are self-funded, and our future ability to compete on a national level depends on the generosity, loyalty, and support of our MAC members. In recognition of the generosity of those who support WVU Athletics on an annual basis, the Mountaineer Athletic Club utilizes a Priority Points system to allocate seats and benefits in the most fair, equitable, and transparent manner.
How to view Your Total Priority Points Online
Click on “My Account”
Click on “View My Priority Points” to view Priority Points Calculator.
Enter your 2018 estimated gift amount
Select “Yes” for the boxes that apply to you Your total priority points, current giving level and rank with giving level will be listed at the bottom.
Adjust your estimated 2018 gift to increase your giving level or ranking within giving level.
Click “Donate Now” to contribute your estimated gift for 2018
Request For Review
If you feel your Priority Points are inaccurate, please fill out a Priority Points request for review form by clicking here and we will review your account to ensure its accuracy. 
Ticket Allocation Deadlines
Priority Points will be updated internally at the end of each month and used for the ticket allocation purposes listed below. Tickets will be allocated based on your rank within your annual giving level starting with Mountaineer Scholars/Stadium Suite holders and working down.
As of November 30, 2017
Big 12 Men's Basketball Championship Ticket Requests
WVU Baseball Season Ticket Requests
As of April 27, 2018
New/Additional Football Season Ticket Requests
Football Season Ticket Upgrades
As of July 27, 2018
New/Additional Men's Basketball Season Ticket Requests
Men's Basketball Season Ticket Upgrades
For a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.
Important Note - The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Mountaineer Athletic Club, Mountaineer Ticket Office and WVU Foundation recognize that points may need to be adjusted. The MAC staff is open to discussing your points and is willing to adjust your points with the proper documentation. Our goal is to get your Priority Point total as accurate as possible.
For questions about the review process, please contact the Mountaineer Athletic Club at 1-800-433-2072 or